The chiefs and people of Worawora who are Akans celebrate Akwantutenten festival. It is celebrated between mid-September and early October every two years.   This festival is to commemorate the exodus of the people of Worawora from Ashanti-land to their present abode. A ritual of pacification and cleansing of all eleven stools and shrines is done in black attire and a historic visit to “Ofiebeposo”  “Uphill settlement of old” by representatives of the eleven stools headed by the Twafoohene by pouring libation and slaughtering of sheep with an eleven gun salute is to signify a historic revisit of the ancestor’s place of settlement. It is celebrated like most Akan festivals culminating in a colorful durbar of chiefs on a Saturday.  The Paramount chief sits in state to receive homage from his subjects. The festival involves a pilgrimage to their first settlement up hills overlooking the hills of the present settlement.

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