Monkey Madness In The First RuneScape Game

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Monkey Madness In The First RuneScape Game

Monkey Madness In The First RuneScape Game

Fascinating RS3 is from OSRS gold

I wonder what their reasoning is for phasing out the voting system? The final significant poll was seeing comp cape rework, other than that it's been polls about pets and artwork design. I'm legitimately curious as to why they want to get rid of the voting arrangement and rather have players"speak loudly" about what they wish to see rather.

If they don't like voting systems since that"locks Jagex into a design choice which might or might not be exactly what Jagex wants" then I would suggest some kind of suggestion box system in which players may submit thoughts and players may then vote on which ideas they would like to see encouraged (i.e. talk loudly about them). The forums are outdated, we could utilize a streamlined, modernized method to facilitate this. That's just my 2 cents.

I dont think the voting system functions as well with RS3 due to the vast majority of the population is maxed or higher level and would greatly skew content. RuneScape is in vast need of some material being reworked and redone. As a participant coming back some of the old content is dreadful for the new player experience. Like the port system remains a train wreck for a player.

You ought to be catering to most players. No, because then you emphasise your current playerbase dry and wind up in an even worse position if these new players do not stick around, and that's exactly what pretty much happened last two years apart from Quarantine and Arch bringing back a lot of people temporarily. What they really should be doing is just advertisements RuneScape better, rather than these really shitty ads that just get made fun of that pop up every now and then.

The problem is it is possible to market for days but the new player introduction to RuneScape is crap. No new player will stick around with cheap RuneScape gold seeming like an alpha launch game. The only truly poor player encounters that are new are shitty path systems, the interface, and the 516 choice menus. It is a spacious sandbox MMO, it is not a linear MMO where you string"speak to x""speak to y""kill 10 z""speak to x" quests to progress. OSRS lack of leadership and doesn't have a problem. Hell even celebs are beginning to flow themselves playing with OSRS which puts even more eyes on RuneScape. You'll never find that for RS3.


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